The Big Manchester Treasure Hunt Photowalk

Earlier this month I wrote about my experience of taking part in a photography treasure hunt round Manchester.

Now you can also get involved in The Big Manchester Treasure Hunt Photowalk.

Photographer Mark Prime, encourages us to take a closer look at the city and see the details that are easily overlooked as we hurry about our business.

Mark has created a fantastic book of his 100 photos, which make up the treasure hunt. It’s a collection of beautiful images, documenting well known and hidden corners of the city from his unique perspective. There are also links to the images taken by the original photographers who accepted the challenge.

Challenge yourself to take the photographs, find the locations, or simply enjoy the pictures.

Whatever you choose, I can assure you that your Manchester eyes will be opened. I haven’t been able to walk through town since without spotting places that I didn’t get to. It’s amazing what you discover as you wander through the back streets and short cuts, and also what you miss on your well trodden route. It’s all these things that make Manchester such an interesting and exciting place to be.

If you think you know Manchester, I reckon this book will make you think again.

Download the book for your Kindle here


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