10 more reasons to love Levenshulme

Last November I wrote a blog celebrating all that is great about the corner of South Manchester which I choose to call home. I shared “10 reasons to love Levenshulme” with the Levy Massive on Facebook; and only then did my Mother inform me that I’d misspelled Levenshulme in the title. Thankfully, everyone else was too kind to point out my error and instead, put forward their own reasons for loving Levenshulme by way of comments below the post.

I’m not quite sure how 12 months has passed, but here’s the promised follow up, comprising everyone’s suggestions in what has somehow become the anniversary edition.

Levy market mugs, Levenshulme

Over the past year, Levenshulme has gained several high profile accolades. Neil Buttery was runner up in the Telegraph’s Fabulous Foodie competition. Levenshulme Market were BBC Food and Farming Awards finalists, and also scored a mention in the Lonely Planet, which named Manchester one of the Top 10 Travel Destinations in the World. Earlier this week, Jamie Whittaker’s Breakfast in Bed project featured in The Guardian. It’s amazing what can happen when a community pulls together.

So let’s all bask in Levenshulme’s reflected glory and take a moment to celebrate 10 more reasons to love our suburb.

1. The Secret Lake

Not so secret these days but still a delightful place to enjoy wildlife, and almost on the doorstep.

Swan on the secret lake, Levenshulme

2. Bankley Studios & Gallery

Situated in the heart of Levenshulme, the studios are not only a workspace for local artists but a venue for frequent exhibitions and events.

Bankley Studios & Gallery, Levenshulme

3. Nutsford Vale Park and the exercise machines in Green Bank Park

Just a short stroll from the A6 lies green space aplenty – for when you want to feel like you’ve escaped to the countryside, or fancy something a little more energetic. 

Nutsford Vale, Levenshulme

Exercise machines in Green Bank Park, Levenshulme

4. The Klondyke Club

Hosting a range of spectacular events throughout the year; setting Bonfire Night off with a bang, marking the Summer Solstice at Lev-Stock, and serving up pints at Levy Beer Fete. 

5. Blue Bell Inn

Just what a local pub should be, with a friendly landlord and a cosy atmosphere.

Blue Bell Inn, Levenshulme

6. Highfield Country Park

Accessible from the Fallowfield Loop, this is another place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take a stroll in the sunshine. 

Highfield Country Park, Levenshulme

Highfield Country Park Levenshulme, after the rain

Don’t forget to say ‘hello’ to the animals at Shores Fold Farm while you’re there.

Shores Fold Farm, Levenshulme

7. Levenshulme Bakery

Selling delicious Turkish breads and sweet treats from Stockport Road.

Levenshulme Bakery

8. Betty Boop Café

The shop name that always brings a smile.

9. The Bottle Corner

Even though it’s firmly closed, this lovely frontage would lend itself to a café, or place to buy wine and craft beer. Does anyone know anything of its history?

The Bottle Corner, Levenshulme

10. Local festivals

From FAD Fest to Lev Fest, exciting events throughout the year bring people together. There’s a community spirit in Levenshulme that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Levenshulme Food and Drink Festival

Worlds largest tablecloth at Levenshulme Global Picnic


Thanks to Jamie Whittaker, Ellen Hackett, Geli Berg, Sara Nilsson, Mary Peek, Neil Fitzpatrick and Teresa Stones, whose suggestions shaped this post, and encouraged me to explore new corners of Levenshulme.

Did your favourite places make it on to the list? Are there any I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below.

6 Comments On This Topic
  1. Samantha Jones
    5 years ago

    The Bottle Store was always called Alice’s by all the kids that lived locally. It was a great place to buy sweets before/after school. Such find memories xx

    • Becci Johnson
      5 years ago

      Thanks for the info Samantha. I could imagine buying sweets from there.

  2. Brenda
    5 years ago

    What about Bud? And Burnage and Levenshulme Open Gardens?
    Perhaps Levy folk don’t see Bud as being in Levenshulme, but I do! It’s in Levenshulme ward for local elections, and has an M19 post code 🙂

    • Becci Johnson
      5 years ago

      Bud got a mention in the first post! Open gardens is a worthy addition though.

  3. Semi
    5 years ago

    The Corner Shop was run by a couple – I think her name was Alice – and his name – Paul and they had a daughter who was uber bright and went off to Cambridge Uni. I used to buy sweets and plastic cartoned drinks there for 1, 2p and 10p – so I think that tells you just how long ago that was! I hear it’s going to be turned into a deli – by some locals – which will be fab! Wondering when the works will begin….

  4. Ari Tenenbaum
    5 years ago

    The Bottle Corner is being turned into a vegetarian/organic deli and set to open spring 2019. It’s run by someone who works at Chorlton’s Unicorn and the amazing restaurant Where The Light Gets In.

    It’s going to be fab!

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