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At the beginning of 2016 POD was taken over by Neil Buttery and Brian Shields. I didn’t waste any time in checking it out. Catch up with the changes and plans for the future here. 

This review was posted in April 2015. 

Chaos reigns in my house at the moment. We are having the hall, stairs and landing plastered. The sockets are off the walls, meaning that the electricity supply is somewhat confused and I am left boiling the kettle in the dining room and without a dishwasher. That’s before you follow the trail of plaster dust down the stairs and out in to the street.

I couldn’t think of a better reason to go out for dinner last night and with POD almost on our doorstep, it was the perfect opportunity to check out the food since it was refurbished in February.


Housed in the old Post Office, POD is a place to indulge in a full English breakfast, meet friends for coffee, relax in the sun with a beer, or to enjoy a proper cooked meal. In short, it caters for all your eating and drinking needs, making it a place you simply must visit.

The refurbishment has brightened it up and created a lot more space. There are cosy corners and board games, coffees and cakes. You could easily find yourself losing an afternoon there.


Some of the post office features have been retained, giving you a sense of the building’s history.


And I am glad they kept the funky flowery wallpaper.


The bar serves a range of world beers, wines and spirits, catering for every taste and occasion.

The menu is simple, changing each day along a different theme. Look out for pie night, Sunday roasts and fair weather BBQs.

Thursday night was curry night, yesterday with a Thai Theme. We could choose from red or green, chicken or vegetable curry and a Thai broth.

We decided to have one green and one red chicken curry.



I love curry and I love Thai food. Whilst it wasn’t as delicate and fragrant as curry from a Thai restaurant, you wouldn’t go to POD looking for authentic Thai food.

But you should go to POD to find hearty, tasty food, served in pleasant and friendly surroundings.

And what could be better than that.



POD (Post Office Deli): 30 Albert Road, Manchester, M19 2FP, Tel: 0161 248 7990

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