Practising my poker face at Grosvenor Casino, Didsbury

I’ve never played poker before. That was until last Thursday night when I was invited to “Learn to Play Poker” with a group of bloggers at Grosvenor Casino in Didsbury.

With the promise of lessons in roulette, blackjack and poker; drinks, nibbles and a Christmas jumper, the event was hard to resist.

Poker as it happens, Grosvenor Casino, Didsbury

First, we got to try our hand at roulette. Although I’m a little hazy on all the betting rules and options, it’s an easy game to pick up. You just have to lay your chips as fast as possible then hope for the ball to drop in the right place, right?

Roulette betting, Grosvenor Casino, Didsbury

Spin that wheel, Roulette, Grosvenor Casino, Didsbury

Next up was blackjack. Most people have played some form of this game at home or at school. Remember that you are playing the house, not just trying to get the best score from your own cards, and you can do pretty well. The odds are slightly more in your favour, and there is a perceived element of skill as you decide to stick or twist in a bid to secure that 21.

Learning to play blackjack at Grosvenor Casino Didsbury

Trying her hand as dealer at the blackjack table, Grosvenor Casino, Didsbury

Finally we were taught how to play poker. Armed with a cheat sheet which explained the hand rankings, we played several practice rounds to learn the basic tactics and betting rules.

Getting to grips with poker at Grosvenor Casino, Didsbury

We were soon playing for real. Well, when I say real, I mean for prizes. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I wasn’t first to go out. I need more time to get a proper grip on the technique before I’ll feel confident playing the person across from me rather than my hand – after all, no-one wants to look like the newbie at the table. Be warned, I’m working on my poker face!

Blogger poker lesson at Grosvenor Casino, Didsbury

For once I’m not going to spend much time talking about the food. It was Christmas party type nibbles – chips, tempura prawns, deep fried cheese balls, and pizza. Nothing particularly inspiring but the right amount of stodge for soaking up Christmas cocktails and fizz, which comes in handy if you want to keep your mind on the game.

If you’ve always fancied having a go in a casino, but felt intimidated or worried about losing all your money because you don’t know what you’re doing, Grosvenor offers experience packages designed to teach you the basics and ease you in gently. Why not book one for a Christmas night out that’s a little different!


Grosvenor Casino Didsbury: Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M20 5PG


Thanks to MediaCom for inviting me to your blogger event, and for the amazing Christmas jumper!

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