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This weekend I entertained my parents by taking them on a tour of some of Manchester’s most beautiful historic buildings. Posts about Victoria Baths and Elizabeth Gaskell House will follow shortly, but first, I want to talk about shopping – vintage shopping.

I love all things vintage, housey and craft. The Vintage Home Show is a fantastic, triannual event, which brings it all together, in the unusual and beautiful surroundings of Victoria Baths.


‘Vintage’ is a word that is used more and more frequently to describe items that are ‘pre-loved’ or second-hand. Technically it should be used to denote

“something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind”

but the lines have become a little blurred.

When it comes to understanding the difference between ‘Antique’, ‘Vintage’ and ‘Retro’, I rather like this explanation from

In my view, The Vintage Home Show fulfils the technical definition of Vintage. I have been to several vintage fairs and markets, but it’s always a treat to see one done so well. The show is growing each year and the sheer number of people piling through the doors are testament to it’s success.


Each time I visit I find myself spotting various items that have featured in my parents’ or even grandparents’ houses. Occasionally there are items I recognise from my own childhood, although I won’t go so far as to accept they could possibly be ‘vintage’!

There is joy in the familiar, and also in unearthing a new take on an old idea.


This time round there were even rooms set up to showcase the vintage furniture for sale.


At previous events I have sourced various knick knacks, including the deckchairs which became a lesson in upcycling.

I carry a mental shopping list when I am browsing round antique shops, craft markets and vintage fairs. This focuses my shopping and helps me visualise how things would work in my house.

There are many occasions when I walk away empty handed, trying to remain faithful to my mantra that if I don’t love it, or can’t think of a use for it, I should probably leave it for someone else to find, but part of the fun is in the browsing, in picking things up, putting them back, mulling them over, and all this before you even think about making a purchase. The point of sale opens up new adventures in itself, the challenge to negotiate a price that suits you and leaves the shopkeeper happy too. I find lots of smiles and a little bit of cheeky charm can work wonders here.

On Sunday I came home with nothing from my shopping list, but many beautiful items that are now sitting on my fireplace where I can admire them while I work out just where I am going to put them.

1. Vintage tea set.

From: Justin Hanson. I can’t find his eBay site at the moment so for now, here is the link to his Twitter.


I’ve not been able to find the same set on Google – can anyone give me any idea of when this would have been made? It looks like it’s never been used.


2. Map of Manchester lamp.

From: snygg


I think this is a lovely idea to personalise a simple lamp, and make use of your old maps. It adds a warm glow to my living room.

3. Chanel advertisement

From:Vintage in Print


It’s becoming an obsession. I can’t decide whether to hang it in my bedroom, the spare bedroom, or maybe the bathroom…

4. Handbag

From: Justin Hanson (as above)


This was my bargain of the day, complete with half penny from 1960 – I like to think it was left in there by it’s previous owner, and wonder whether it helps to date the bag.


Either way, it goes very well with my party dress!

Share your vintage finds here, and please comment if you can shed any light on my teacups.


Can’t wait till the next one, but my purse will be happier knowing that it’s next year.

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  1. Carol Johnson
    6 years ago

    Love the tea set can’t wait to hear more about it.

  2. Carol Johnson
    6 years ago

    I have found this link which suggests it’s a 1960 set
    If this link does not take you to the cup your blue cup is on page 2 hope this helps

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