I must have walked past Slice hundreds of times without realising that it would be the next stop on my quest to eat my way through the BuzzFeed list, 21 Things Everyone Needs to Eat in Manchester.


Heading in to town to watch the Great City Games at the weekend provided an ideal opportunity to grab a ‘fast food’ lunch.

If you are looking for tasty pizza in a wide range of flavours, Slice will serve your needs very well. Designed to offer fresh food made from scratch every day, the chance to order by the slice reminded me of eating in Italy. One of the best pizzas I had was by the side of the road, takeaway style.

The pizzas are displayed along the counter and you choose which ones you want. They are heated up for you and you can eat them in or take them away.


So, for a Slice of Italy, I chose a mozzarella and mushroom pizza. The boy went for chorizo. Both were very tasty and we both wished we’d ordered more food. I for one get bored half way through a whole pizza so this is a great opportunity to try a few different variations.


Not wanting to miss Greg Rutherford long jumping his way down Albert Square we decided against a second round, but I can see this becoming a frequent pit stop for quick and delicious fuel on many a shopping trip.

I was surprised at how quiet it was for a Saturday lunchtime. Maybe the garish exterior is more suited to Italy than to the Northern Quarter, but don’t be put off. The decor is more than made up for by the food.


And, with it staying open till 1.00 am, it would be a great way to satisfy the post pub munchies. Maybe that’s when the place comes in to its own.
Slice Pizza & Bread Bar: 1a Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 1DN. Tel:0161 236 9032

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