The Kitchens at Spinningfields

Last Thursday I saw Paolo Nutini at Castlefield Bowl. Let me just take a moment to say what an awesome venue that is. It’s amazing to have a cool outdoor music venue in the city, proving once again, that Manchester has it all!

Paolo Nutini at Castlefield Bowl

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to take look at the street food venture that is happening at Spinningfields right now.

The Kitchens is a pilot project that has seen 6 food vendors win a temporary foothold on the Left Bank. They set up in May and now have a year to demonstrate their abilities for the chance to gain a permanent cafe space, along with backing, mentoring and investment from Spinningfields’ owner and developer. They will be judged on their performance throughout the year before an overall winner is chosen. 

Rusty van in the rain at The Kitchens Manchester

Spinningfields is just close enough to Castlefield Bowl to make it a viable dinner spot before a gig. The introduction of street food is ideal for grabbing a tasty bite if you’re strapped for time, which is inevitable when you try and fit in dinner after work before an event in the city.

There’s plenty of variety to choose from with something to satisfy every taste.

Bangers and Bacon, created by the team at Bobby’s Bangers (who feature regularly at Levy Market) combine quirky sausage and bacon flavours in their offering. Chaat Cart bring the fresh taste of Indian chaat. Wholesome and Raw are the healthy choice, focusing on enzymes and nutrients with raw fruit and veg from their juice bar. Yakumama is all about Latin American inspired street food. Hip Hop Chip Shop serve up fish and chips like you’ve never seen them before (don’t be expecting anything traditional here) and Mumma Schnitzel give you schnitzels in buns.

With so many delicious sounding options, it’s a tough choice and you’d never get through them all in one sitting. So, on Thursday I chose Mumma Schnitzel for a halloumi schnitzel, served with sweet chilli sauce and added avocado – to make it feel a little bit healthy.

Mumma Schnitzel burger box

Halloumi Schnitzel close up

And my verdict! Delicious, and so filling I was glad I listened to their advice not to order fries. The halloumi was cooked perfectly and the sauces complemented it well, making it a very tasty bite. I’d order it again if I wasn’t so keen to try something different next time. 

The boy, also fancying halloumi, made his selection from the Hip Hop Chip Shop. I believe his meal was called ‘Me, Myself and I’ and comprised battered halloumi, onion rings and potato wedges.

Halloumi and chips with mushy peas

Stodge fest yes; worth it, definitely!

Next time I’m after a quick bite in town, I’ll definitely be heading back to try something from one of the other contenders – I’m thinking maybe a chaat.

'Leaving so soon' advertising board


The Kitchens: Irwell Square, Leftbank, Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3AG

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