Archie’s milkshake

For those times when only a milkshake will do, you’d be hard pushed to find one more extravagant than from Archie’s.

Continuing with my aim to eat my way through the BuzzFeed list 21 Things Everyone Needs to Eat in Manchester, I finally managed to pay a visit on Saturday. Ok, so I didn’t order the recommended burger and fries from this Manchester version of an American style takeout, but the shakes are worthy of a post on their own.

Milkshake menu at Archies

With such a wide selection it was hard to choose but I ended up going for the one that caught my eye first, the Big Bang shake. The menu described it as, “Jammie Dodger, more Jammie Dodger, whipped cream, Jammie Dodger and strawberry sauce”, so it’s not surprising that it tasted like – well, Jamie Dodger!

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised. You can order milkshakes made out of pretty much anything these days and more often than not you end up with something resembling a poorly mixed chocolate milk rather than your favourite chocolate bar or sweet treat, so top marks to Archie’s there. And you can’t help wishing your store cupboard looked like this. 

milkshake flavouring options at Archie's - every type of chocolate you can imagine

The boy ordered Holly-Oaks Shakes, which promised “Oreo cookies, peanut butter, whipped cream and flake.” Peanut butter is far too sickly for me but I did give this shake a try, only to find that it tasted of peanut butter, which I guess is a win when that’s what you’ve ordered.

The milkshakes are thick and creamy, and take just a little bit of effort to suck up through the straw until they start to melt, making them perfect for supping and savouring.

milkshakes on the counter at Archie's

It’s an extremely decadent beverage, one that is guaranteed to make you cough (with ice cream belly) and you probably won’t want to think about the calories. But if you have one of those milkshake cravings that nothing else will satisfy, Archie’s will definitely satisfy.


Archie’s: 72 Oxford St, Manchester M1 5NH, Tel: 0161 237 1736

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