A world of Christmas Baubles

Nothing makes it feel more like Christmas than decorating the tree.

You can’t beat the piney, Christmassy smell that you can only get from a real tree. This year our 6 foot-ish tree came from our wonderful local garden centre, Bud. Each year it hosts a Winter Warmer, with mulled wine, artisan stalls for picking up unusual gifts, Christmas tunes played by a french horn quartet, and a big fire bowl to make you feel all warm and festive.

Part of the joy of a real tree is the lack of uniformity when it comes to shape. It wouldn’t feel quite right if we had a perfectly shaped tree that fitted neatly in to our bay window. Each year they come with their own quirks and problems – part of the fun is squeezing in a tree that it a touch too tall, or, as in this year’s case, a touch too wide.

It’s become a tradition in my household to decorate the tree with the fire blazing, whilst listening to Christmas tunes. Often we will put on a pot of mulled wine as well, but on Sunday we decorated our tree the day after attending an Irish wedding – need I say more…

Another tradition that has emerged over the years is to buy baubles from our travels. It’s a legitimate reason to shop for holiday souvenirs that don’t cause any clutter. Of course, at Christmas it’s ok to have a few tacky ornaments, and in some countries the baubles are more tacky than in others! When we decorate the tree it’s lovely to rediscover our baubles and remember wonderful times spent together.

I thought you might like to view the collection so far. Let me know which is your favourite.


Our holiday bauble buying scheme started in the alley ways of Khan el-Khalili, a fantastic souk in the Islamic district of Cairo. I was lucky enough to spend 6 weeks in Egypt as part of a Girl Guiding project, and seeing these glass baubles every year reminds me of many a happy outing spent bartering with the traders, making sure I got the best price – or at least, a price I was comfortable with.

Image 17


Purchased on a ski trip, the snow scene reminds me of my engagement.

Image 13


This is actually a design created round a tennis ball. A little whacky it may be, but I was pleased to find a Christmas decoration in Thailand in October. The Sunday Walking Street market in Chiang Mai turned up this gem!

Image 18


An all year round Christmas shop was a sure fire way to find a Scottish themed ornament during a weekend visit to Edinburgh, for a wedding.

Image 14


Supporting local craftspeople, this glass decoration was purchased from Levenshulme market a year or so ago.

Image 10


A weekend in Prague that I will always remember for the coldest sightseeing ever; -10 degrees. I felt like Joey in friends when he puts on all of Chandler’s clothes I was so bundled up.

Image 7


Purchased at the airport at the end of our epic 1000 mile cycle from Venice.

Image 9

New York

Having been promised a trip to New York for about 6 years, regular readers will know that I finally got to go this October.

The bell is from Rockefeller Centre and depicts a ubiquitous, New York, Christmas ice skating scene.

Image 11

I fell in love with the tackiness of this Big Apple bauble and couldn’t say no!

Image 15


Beautiful carved wooden decorations from the Christmas market in Huttwil.

Image 8

Image 16


When I saw these ‘beebles’ on Twitter, I knew I had to acquire one to complete this post and my tree. Handmade by The Manchester Bee Company and acquired from the delightful Castlefield Market, which you really must visit for Christmas gifts that you can’t find on the High Street.

Image 6

However far I travel, I love coming home to Manchester.


Which is your favourite bauble? Let me know by leaving a reply. 


7 Comments On This Topic
  1. Margaret Brown
    6 years ago

    Got to go for the Swiss reindeer one

  2. Carol Johnson
    6 years ago

    Love them all and such a good idea for the memories they bring back .

  3. Mrs Bee
    6 years ago

    The Beeble one from Manchester gets my vote! 😉

  4. Michelle Tomlinson
    6 years ago

    The hollow wooden treat from Switzerland. It reminds me of a laser cut jewellery piece and a carved pumpkin! Plus it’s Eco friendly 🙂

  5. Ian Riley
    6 years ago

    I really like the Egypt one. It’s very bright with traditional Christmas colours. You should all take note because I have great taste.

  6. Josh
    6 years ago


  7. Dave
    6 years ago

    You need a scrooge one, bah humbug

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