A Hint of Spring

The sun is shining over Manchester! Whilst the temperature reminds me that we’re not quite there yet, it is starting to feel like Spring is just around the corner.

My cats have found the sunny spot on the decking, they have spent much more time outside today than over recent weeks. The sky is a bright shade of blue, and bulbs are starting to poke through in the flower beds.

It’s hard not to smile when the sun warms your face.

But if you are in fact stuck indoors, willing the clock to hit 5.00 pm, I hope these cheerful images will brighten your day.

Sunny Errwood Road


Snow drops


Flowers in shades of Spring


(Flowers from Bridgette’s Flowers, Levenshulme)

Light, honeysuckle scents



(Candle from Laura Ashley)


And, if thoughts of Spring don’t bring a smile to your face, have you ever Googled ‘Emergency Kittens’?

I particularly love the Emergency Blog Kitten – you do all know about my crazy cat lady traits don’t you?


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