Beef and Pudding

If you like beef and you like pudding, this restaurant offers the perfect combination.


It’s a place that will serve you a decent Sunday roast (a meal that, done well, can be hard to find) in laid back, comfortable surroundings.

Check out this plateful.


And this is the smaller serving that you get with the Sunday Service Menu!


For an upscaled version you can spend the same money to receive a humongous plate of your favourite roast. My only issue, which I see far too often, was with the roast potatoes. I don’t understand why so many places get them so wrong.

I was impressed with the service. As a party of 4, we popped in on the off chance at about 6.30 on Sunday evening. Hungry from a day’s hard graft in the garden, we could easily have been put off by the 45 minute wait were it not for the opportunity to order our starters in the bar area.

By the time we’d polished off the beautifully presented, delicious, small plates our table was ready.



If you have room for dessert the light, creamy Peach Melba Mess is just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth without leaving you over stuffed.


I was particularly taken by the rustic, yet modern feel of the decor. Reclaimed wood is used to good effect at the bar and on the walls.


There are cow and beef references at strategic locations


and the lighting is funky, adding to the industrial feel.



I love Manchester for the variety of dining experiences on offer. Beef and Pudding is a worthy addition to the city’s restaurant scene.


Beef and Pudding: 37 Booth Street, off Fountain Street, Manchester City Centre, M2 4AA. Tel:0161 237 3733

Sunday Service Menu: 2 courses £13.95 and 3 courses £15.95

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