Love Your Health this Valentine’s

Love Your Health


Created and organised by Lynette Cutler of The Edge Events to promote Hayley Kiemel of Insight Hypnotherapy.




Hayley, a qualified clinical hypnotherapist / psychotherapist, is building her clientele at Precious Health in Hale, where the event took place yesterday evening.

I spoke to Hayley about the benefits of hypnotherapy, which she says can help with stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, and many other health issues. Hayley is keen to point out that the form of hypnotherapy she uses is nothing like you see on TV. She uses a combination of talking therapy and hypnotherapy to help clients gain new attitudes and beliefs in order to address issues in their lives. Sessions take place in a relaxed, friendly environment, where you “…remain in touch with reality and in control of your thoughts.”

We discussed the way hypnotherapy makes suggestions to your subconscious brain, helping to empty the metaphorical “bucket” that you fill with your worries. Hayley even suggested that it could help me to overcome my fear of being out of my depth in a swimming pool.


The Event


Lynette created the “Love Your Health” concept to bring a special “Love Yourself” emphasis to the occasion, in time for Valentine’s Day.

The event was supported by health and fitness businesses including The Garden, Hale, who provided organic canapés.



InHale Yoga shared the benefits of yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle, Hale Fitness Health Club promoted special offers, and Kate O’Brian featured Fitness Water.

I talked to Juicelife about the health benefits of their Alkaline Juice Cleanse Packages, which are created to “ignite every single cell in your body”; offering “the perfect stepping stone into a whole new healthy lifestyle.” The ingredients are natural, organic, and locally sourced where possible.




I learned that starting the day with this Lean Green juice will provide a natural, sugar and caffeine free, boost. I don’t know if I’m quite ready to give up my morning brew but the concept of natural ingredients does sit well with me.

I experienced a complementary Thai Yoga Massage from the Chanda Healing Centre. 10 minutes was just long enough to have some of the tension pummelled out of my neck and to experience a taste of the manipulation techniques associated with Thai Massage. I’d need a whole course of treatment to release the knots in my shoulders completely!




I couldn’t resist one of these beautiful cupcakes from Julia’s Icing on the Cake, although it seemed a shame to dismantle the words.




I came away with a bag of goodies including Hayley’s CD, which I had to promise not to listen to in the car on the way home.




The After Party took place at Victor’s in Hale. Although I couldn’t attend, Lynette said,

“We really wanted to have a nice finish to the event. What better way than to treat guests to sushi canapes and delicious Bellini cocktails courtesy of Victor’s, which is a popular haunt for many Cheshire celebrities often seen dining there.

Rebecca, The Manager organised for plates of sushi and cocktails to be handed to guests as they arrived. It provided the setting for more guests, who were not able to attend, to find out information they missed over drinks.

We were given a V.I.P area. It really was a lovely way to finish the evening in style.”




Before the event, Hayley said, “We want [it] to be friendly, fun and informative, and for guests to come away feeling positive about their health and fitness as well as having a good understanding of how hypnotherapy can work for so many people.”

It’s fair to say that she achieved her aim, and I am intrigued to listen to the CD; although I have to confess, the only CD player I have is… in the car!





More information about Insight Hypnotherapy is available via the website, or Facebook. You can also contact Hayley via email, or follow her on Twitter @hayleykiemel12

The Edge Events is online and on Facebook. You can follow Lynette on Twitter @lctheedgeevents.

She really does give her events The Edge!


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