Dreaming of Thailand

Thaikhun brings Thai street food and a touch of Bangkok’s wonderful craziness to Spinningfields.


I finally managed to bag a highly sought after table for Saturday lunch with the boy.

Unperturbed by talk of a 45 minute wait we settled down at the bar, stocked up on prawn crackers and delicious cocktails; content to marvel at the decor until our table was ready.

The cocktail menu promised a Thaikhun spin on old favourites.


I chose a Cocoloco Mojito, which was light, refreshing, and delicately coconutty. The boy opted for a Gin Cooler.


Happily we were over prepared for the wait and no sooner than the enormous basket of prawn crackers arrived, were we shown to a table.

The menu was full of tantalising Thai dishes. Wanting to sample as many as we could without over eating, we opted for a Thai Pinto, which is a “Thai family tradition, to be enjoyed together…”


The Pinto Thai included our mutual favourite dishes, Green Curry and Pad Thai, as well as vegetable stir fry and Jasmine rice. It arrived at our table in what I can only think to describe as a metal stacking lunch box, although I suspect it does have a technical name that escapes me.

Each dish was in a separate bowl, stacked up together. Unfortunately I didn’t manage a picture of the whole thing because it was served and the carry case taken away before I had the chance. I’m sure you get the general idea though.



The food itself, was delicious. Fragrant, fresh, and even the vegetables were beautifully flavoured. Believe me, it’s not often that the boy eats his greens voluntarily.


All this in a very Thai setting. I love restaurants that pay attention to detail in their decor, making them worth a visit as much for the knick knacks on display as for the food.

The interior of Thaikhun is a treasure trove of Thai themed paraphernalia with bird cages hanging from the ceiling, prints adorning the walls, and unusual features made out of what look like bags of grain, light fittings and many other quirky items, giving the place a feel of Khao San Road in Bangkok.




Thaikhun, pronounced ‘tycoon’ means “Your Thailand”. It certainly brought back memories of our trip and is bound to leave you dreaming of a visit too.

Make sure you book well in advance if you want to dine here in the evening, it’s already established a firm pin in the Manchester Restaurant map.


Thaikhun: Unit 17, 3 Hardman Street, The Avenue, Spinningfields, M3 3HF


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  1. Lesley
    5 years ago

    I miss Thailand, must book a table at this resturant for when I visit you next!!!!

    • Becci Johnson
      5 years ago


  2. Mark
    5 years ago

    Stunning post, great review, ace photos to match.
    Have clocked this place a few times and been meaning to get in. I shall not be disappointed.
    The fell of the place is something special, it does seem like being transported back to Thailand again (though without the crazy humidity)

    • Becci Johnson
      5 years ago

      Thanks Mark.
      All the pics are my own, so from you that’s a real compliment!
      Definitely make sure you go. You are right, it’s Thailand minus the humidity but with it’s own special Manchester rain.

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