Trove Supper Club: Seasons Eatings

When it comes to food, Thursday night and Levenshulme are words you are more likely to associate with takeaway than fine dining. Trove however, has come up with a way to rectify that by way of its Supper Club and this week, I finally tried it out.


Trove hands over its kitchen to local chefs who serve up tasty treats in the intimate A6 restaurant. It’s a fantastic way to offer quality food in the neighbourhood at a time when Trove would otherwise be closed.

This week saw the turn of foodie friends Issy and Suzy of Seasons Eatings. With the restaurant doors thrown open and the sun shining outside, the chefs served up summer on a plate. If you were asked to name the foods you associate with the season, this menu had them all, and I guess that’s the point!


For me, one of the joys of a menu that has been put together for occasions such as this is the chance to try food that I would not otherwise order. I don’t like gin (long story), I’m on the ‘hate it’ fence when it comes to Marmite, and I usually give seafood a wide berth. Yet last night, I ate them all, and enjoyed them immensely.

It was a meal full of surprises. The menu gave us an idea of what to expect, but the food that materialised put the ingredients together in unexpected ways, keeping us guessing right to the end.

Welcome cocktail: Gin with homemade tonic



Trove Bread with Marmite butter

Easy on the Marmite, I took care to spread it thinly! And if you haven’t tried the bread from Trove, you should.



Bouche: Peas and Clams

Pea flavours enhanced with pea shoots; not too clammy.



Starter: Asparagus with smoked goats curd, buckwheat, radish, almond and wild garlic flowers

Asparagus is one of my favourite vegetables and this was a beautiful way of serving it. With garlicky notes and a hint of crunch from the almond. I even tried the pansy, although I’m not sure about eating flowers. A little rubbery for me.



Main Course: Duck with fennel and little gem lettuce

If anything the duck was the least exciting part of the meal, but the other flavours happening on the plate made up for it.



Dessert: Strawberry and bay ice cream, chocolate mousse with tamarind caramel, tamarind and ginger crumb and strawberries

Where do I start, delicious.



The final, surprise flourish: Elderflower marshmallows and lemon madeleines

Wow, just wow. I’ve not eaten marshmallows like this before, light and melt in the mouth, with a dusting of icing sugar to coat the fingers and madeleines warm from the oven. The perfect end to the meal.

At almost £35.00 per head, it wasn’t a cheap night out but it was food worth paying for. A BYO wine policy helps keep the cost down, so for a midweek treat, it’s something that you really should experience.

Seasons Eatings are next at Trove on 2 July 2015. Sadly they are taking a break after this so keep your eye on their Facebook page for information about a special supper club hopefully coming up in December.

Keep an eye on Trove’s events page for up to date information about their supper clubs and for details on where to buy tickets. They tend to sell out pretty quickly!


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