Have you visited the Arndale Food Market?

It’s hardly a Manchester secret but somehow I have completely missed the wonder that is the Arndale Food Market – until now. Discovering it last week means I will no longer settle for depressing pre packed sandwiches when I need to eat on the go.

Viet Shack, Arndale Food Market, Manchester

The food market is situated on the upper level of the Arndale Centre and is accessible from High Street if you’re outside, or just after Coast and New Look indoors.

The offering in this shopping centre food hall is a far cry from the greasy fast food you will find in the main food court, which boasts the obligatory Subway, McDonald’s and Harry Ramsden’s. Instead, you will be tempted by a wide selection of international street food. Choose from tacos, Vietnamese wraps, pancakes, noodles, fresh smoothies and much more. With a few tables conveniently placed in the middle, it’s a perfect place to grab a quick bite and enjoy a spot of people watching.

Last Wednesday, inspired by my continuing mission to eat my way through the Buzzfeed list, 21 Things Everyone Needs to Eat in Manchester (although it’s become more about eating in the places mentioned than matching the exact dish) I decided to give Viet Shack a try when I was in need of a speedy lunch before work.

I was recommended the Chicken Viet Wrap with mango, salad leaves, pickled mixed veg, chilli ’n’ lime dressing and spicy siracha chill sauce. The chicken was succulent and the spicy sauce drizzled out from the bottom in a satisfying, finger licking manner that made me rather glad I was sitting down to eat. It was the best wrap I’ve had in ages and it filled me up enough to ensure that I avoided the sweet treats in the rest of the market.

Viet Chicken Wrap, Viet Shack, Arndale Food Market, Manchester

On the way out I grabbed a raspberry, honey and banana smoothie from a stall laden with fresh fruit. Stupidly, I didn’t make a note of the name, but you won’t miss it if you decide to pay the market a visit, which you really should.

Raspberry, honey and banana smoothie, Arndale Food Market Manchester

One thing’s for sure, if I’m in Manchester and haven’t got time for a proper sit down lunch, this is where I’ll be going. Next time I might try one of those pancakes.


Did you discover the Arndale Food Market before I did? Which vendors and dishes would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.


Arndale Food Market: Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre, 49 High Street, Manchester, M4 3AH

Monday to Saturday – 9.30am to 6.30pm (food stalls from 8am)
Sunday – 11am to 5pm
Bank Holidays – 10.30am to 5.30pm.

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